The Internet of Things (IoT) means many things to many people - the developer in a lab, the entrepreneur in a garage, the CEO in the corner office - each have their own vision. KORE provides the people, expertise and technology to support the many visions of the IoT, from the Inspiration of Things and the Innovation of Things to the Internet of Things.

Founded in 2003, KORE quickly rose to become the world’s largest managed network services provider specializing in IoT and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communications. Today, KORE is a global leader in software service and platforms that power the IoT, with millions of active on-network units. KORE is the brand behind successful IoT brands, and KORE team members are the People Powering IoT:


• Sales and Engineering teams delve deep into customer needs to understand their vision, creating customized solutions for rapid go-to-market timelines

• The Technical Support team ensures client technical issues are handled with urgency.

• The Device Certification team helps customers get devices certified with the least expense and time for the highest probability of success

• The Development team enhances market-leading KORE platforms that manage millions of devices. 350 KORE people serve customers in 110 countries, empowering new business models and opportunities to monetize the IoT. Partner with KORE and we’ll provide with you customized M2M consulting, products and services.

• We offer full-time positions in offices around the world and remote. Check out why KORE is the fastest growing IoT player and attracts the top global talent in this exciting field.


KORE - The people powering IoT

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