As car sharing, ride hailing, electric and hybrid vehicles disrupt the industry, auto manufacturers are looking to rapidly develop technologically enhanced, connected cars to maintain their market share.  Manufacturers can differentiate their vehicles by equipping cars with robust vehicle telematics for predictive maintenance, real-time interaction for remote assistance and servicing, as well as tracking capabilities that enhance vehicle security and reduce the risk of theft.

This is why the global market for connected cars is expected to grow by 270% with more than 125M passenger cars expected to ship with embedded connectivity by 2022.*

KORE has decades of experience simplifying the complexity of IoT, and enabling automotive companies to overcome even the most intricate IoT solution implementation challenges. With KORE as your trusted advisor, you have access to a broad range of connected solutions, tailored to help you drive business performance and maximise your return on investment.



Automotive Vehicle Telematics

  • Continuously monitor vehicle parts and components to ensure optimal functionality
  • Implement predictive maintenance to prevent equipment failure and extend the life of the vehicle
  • Provide automatic alerts should an unforeseen issue arise to ensure driver safety
  • Superior connectivity coverage enables network access even in remote, rural locations
Field Servicing and Repairs

  • On premise services provide customers with convenient assistance or vehicle servicing
  • Automated solutions enable accurate recording of time, parts, service readings, as well as other pieces of vehicle information
  • Facilitate faster repairs with ability to input data at customer location
  • Tablet-based solutions paired with superior connectivity coverage enable field workers to remotely service vehicles
Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Track location in real-time to successfully locate stolen vehicles
  • More effectively proactively protect the safety of vehicles and drivers
  • Superior connectivity coverage complemented by LBS application ensures extendible, location-based services

For the past decade, the automotive market has been in the midst of a digital transformation, and the shift has put a focus on quality and economy of service. The connected automotive IoT ecosystem is incredibly broad, encompassing solutions that enable predictive maintenance, convenient vehicle servicing, and enhanced security features to add value for consumers and extend the life of vehicles. Where appropriately leveraged, these solutions can drive measurable improvements in product value, driver safety, and ultimately profitability.

Companies that embrace IoT solutions such as vehicle telematics, automated field servicing, and theft prevention are better poised to maintain automotive market share. Equipped with a connected ecosystem of IoT edge-devices, connectivity services, and data analytics, these organisations can leverage competitive solutions that are customer-focused, value-added, and improve profitability.

An independent, expert advisor with nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE delivers complete, global IoT management capabilities – starting with development of a comprehensive strategy and assessment of your unique requirements – to simplify the complexity of IoT and help automakers achieve the highest possible return on their IoT investments:

  • IoT Strategy and Readiness - KORE helps businesses to assess IoT readiness and develop a comprehensive IoT strategy including security and deployment considerations.

  • Application Management and Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) - KORE’s flexible capabilities allow companies to deliver their own branded, unique business applications to maximise value. In addition, KORE provides actionable insights from data, enabling customers to make fact-based, predictive decisions to drive ROI.

  • Reporting and Analytics - KORE helps organisations understand data traffic patterns and gain insights surrounding key business metrics including network status, asset health, job efficiency and operator compliance.

  • Connectivity and Carrier Management - KORE provides connectivity coverage from nearly all major carriers, device availability from major OEMs, and as the largest independent provider of connectivity management globally, is leading the charge to deliver the value of eSIM and iSIM technologies as they become available for global deployment.

  • Network and Security Management –  KORE gives companies enhanced control of their IoT data traffic and device connectivity to improve application manageability, performance and security.  The KORE IoT Cloud is a purpose-built global network for IoT, designed from the ground up to meet the highest standards of security and availability.  KORE’s Rapid-Setup VPN services allow companies to extend their LAN into the KORE IoT Cloud and enable encryption of all in flight data traffic.

  • Endpoint Lifecycle Management and Managed Services - KORE’s professional and managed services ensure a successful deployment from project inception to completion with comprehensive service options and capabilities. KORE can now help customers not only with strategy and vision, but also with technology and device selection, certification, forward and reverse logistics, and a host of managed services to support the entire IoT lifecycle.

Overcome Complexity

Replace friction with results. Our automotive industry focus and technology-agnostic global solutions distill countless possibilities into the most useful and logical solution for even the most complex IoT deployment challenge. You can rapidly deploy an IoT solution specific to your objectives with a single source partner.


Navigate Toward Optimal Results

KORE supports your ongoing needs with deep IoT knowledge and experience, global reach, purpose-built solutions, and deployment agility. We will customise a value proposition for your company by applying a focused, automotive-specific approach to managing and simplifying the complex IoT ecosystem.


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