Field services are critical to the sustainability of customer service or patient care for industries including insurance, healthcare, industrials, and fleet. If you operate a field service organisation (FSO), it is likely you already rely on IoT technology solutions to do things like monitor performance of critical assets (human and machine), prevent issues, expedite work, and improve customer care.

The sheer volume of details involved in implementing a field servicing solution can prevent users from maximising the potential of the technology – and the investment. The IoT landscape is complex, making it critical to have a partner that can simplify the complexity and work across the entire IoT deployment lifecycle to remove hurdles associated with IoT enablement.


The first step toward successful IoT-enabled field servicing implementation is to have a clear objective for how your organisation must design, implement, and use a full stack of connected devices and cloud-based technologies. For team members working in the field, effectively using connected tablet or wearable IoT technology solutions can significantly contribute to the success of your organisation by adding valuable business insights through the gathering, evaluating, and analysing of IoT data.


A leader in IoT enablement, KORE has been a trusted advisor for companies implementing IoT for nearly two decades. We have helped companies keep their focus on their business priorities by streamlining IoT field service deployments. With a neutral, device-agnostic approach, we can provide a complete portfolio of purpose-built IoT technology solutions that maximise the value of your investment by enabling and scaling reliable real-time field service interaction, troubleshooting, and performance maintenance of remote and mobile resources.

KORE simplifies the complexity of implementing world-class field service IoT technology solutions. Given the overwhelming level of IoT complexity, we enable business-centric IoT solutions across industries, and help you make the right decisions to maximise your IoT investment.



IoT Business Solutions At Work


Automotive: Field Service for Auto

On premises, automated IoT technology solutions for automotive field servicing and repairs provide convenient assistance for customers while also enabling more accurate recording of time, parts, service readings, and other important data points regarding the vehicle. By facilitating quicker service with the ability to input and access cloud-based data at the customer’s location, auto manufacturers can add value to existing products and services as well as generate new service offerings with field servicing solutions.


Fleet: Field Service for Fleet

Remote field servicing IoT solutions for fleet management enable real-time interaction for simplified, expedited vehicle issue diagnosis and performance of predictive maintenance work. Organisations are empowered to respond quickly with repairs or replacements to keep vehicles in the field up and running, and automated IoT solutions enable field workers to manage, report, and archive every detail of field service work completed to help fleet businesses reduce costs and maximise vehicle performance.


Healthcare: Remote Diagnostics and Workforce Monitoring

Mobile workforce management solutions for IoT healthcare enable providers in the field to access and input patient data and cloud-based applications regardless of location. With built-in IoT security features for HIPAA compliance, tablet-based mobile solutions also enable monitoring and tracking of remote caregiver’s location and provided treatments so providers benefit from reduced risk of insurance cost, more accurate patient care, and improved outcomes.


Industrial: Field Service for Equipment

With field service solutions, industrial companies can automatically deploy field technicians to quickly and efficiently complete preventative or emergency repairs. Techs in the field have access to the information needed to complete repairs and accurately record service data for improved reporting. These capabilities enable industrial organisations to add value for downstream customers or end users by enabling remote assistance and real-time field service interaction

Insurance: Claim Management

On premises, automated field servicing solutions for insurance claim processing enable quick and efficient reporting of incident severity, point of impact, and location among other critical factors to increase the accuracy of insurance claim data. These IoT technology solutions facilitate faster claims processing with the ability to input claim data and forms at the scene of the incident, thus empowering insurers to expedite the process and better service their policyholders.

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