• Lack of understanding of the organization’s IoT “readiness” level, based on existing, internal IoT knowledge and capabilities
  • Failure to develop a long-term, attainable, and comprehensive IoT strategy resulting in inability to execute on IoT initiatives
  • Difficulty achieving ROI on IoT deployments due to underestimation of resources and expertise needed to successfully implement IoT solutions

How We Can Help

  • Full evaluation of your business’ IoT maturity level to provide the contextual information needed for strategic planning
  • Comprehensive strategy development that includes examination of all potential IoT considerations to ensure project success
  • Extensive IoT offerings – covering all IoT Management Capabilities – to cater to unique business requirements

Readiness Assessment

Before the strategic planning process begins, KORE helps organisations with IoT professional services to assess their IoT readiness by evaluating their capabilities based on two main criteria: Technical Capabilities and IoT Vision. Key considerations on the Technical Capabilities assessment include level of internal IoT expertise and skill sets, level of traditional technology and IT capabilities, as well as any existing technology partnerships. The IoT Vision assessment evaluates areas such as knowledge of business applications for IoT transformation, level of executive buy-in and support, clarity of specific goals you seek to achieve with IoT, and level of organisational agility for change management. We help you complete this comprehensive IoT readiness audit to paint the most holistic picture possible, ensuring your IoT strategy is built upon the most accurate data possible.


Strategy Development

With a thorough understanding of your organisation’s IoT readiness, KORE can help you delve deeper into the specific components and timelines for IoT deployment with comprehensive strategy development IoT professional services. To ensure the highest possible IoT ROI, the KORE strategy framework covers all aspects of business process selection, architecture, technology selection, organisation, design, governance, and IoT deployment – end-to-end. By examining and planning for all of the necessary steps needed for IoT success, KORE acts as an independent, expert advisor, enabling your company to achieve transformative business performance with IoT.


Complete IoT Management Capabilities

Leveraging nearly two decades of IoT knowledge and experience, KORE simplifies the complexity of IoT with complete, global IoT management capabilities and IoT professional services. We enable your IoT vision with seamless execution and a constant focus on maximising the return on your IoT investments. The KORE trusted advisor approach encompasses all of the key considerations and components for a successful IoT deployment, regardless of where you are in your IoT project.


Products & Services

IoT Connectivity Management

Enable roaming to 400 carriers and coverage in 180 countries worldwide with connectivity from top cellular and satellite providers.

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IoT Hardware Solutions

Streamline enterprise operations with the right mix of turnkey, managed hardware from leading OEMs.

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IoT Devices

Realise efficiencies with procurement, staging, kitting, and provisioning for comprehensive tablet and wearable-based solutions.

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IoT Location-Based Services

Enhance your IoT solution outcomes with location-based services and centralised application enablement.

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IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Implement, manage, and maintain a successful IoT solution from strategy development to end-of-life disposition.

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