• Delays in deployment caused by improper or insufficient IoT application management and related data analytics restricted to use in select systems
  • Insufficient resources to develop IoT LBS application in-house, or support a scalable LBS business model on existing infrastructure
  • Overcoming the complexity of application systems and data to ensure your IoT solution derives the business intelligence needed to proactively inform decisions

How We Can Help

  • Open architecture and published APIs support an agnostic IoT application management and integration approach, across systems, to improve time-to-market
  • LBS monitoring and tracking application can be customized to provide unique business solutions, with an application marketplace to add and sell relevant IoT functionalities
  • Multiple data elements including sensor, meta, and usage data to derive actionable business insights and improve IoT performance

Agnostic Application Integration

Our open-architecture approach accelerates development of custom and proprietary applications by facilitating easy integration of KORE APIs into newly developed applications, existing platforms and apps, as well as back-office systems.

KORE offers two additional options for IoT application management and development. Our consultative approach explores your specific needs, with KORE serving as reseller or referral agent to our large ecosystem of ASPs and partners across industries and use cases. Alternatively, we offer custom software development for both Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and IoT applications. With our team of IoT professionals, we work with you to design, build, test, and deploy solutions, leveraging our seamless connectivity, location-based services, and proven hardware and device solutions.


Application Marketplace for LBS

With the ability to rely on a single LBS tracking and monitoring application, you can increase productivity, safety, and security for vehicles, assets, or individuals, as well as ensure compliance with internal regulations or government mandates. Whether monitoring fleets, equipment, or people, the KORE LBS application supports over 400 configurable modules that enable application customisation to meet your organisation’s particular requirements. Depend on reliable, global connectivity for undisrupted tracking capabilities.

In addition, KORE offers an Application Marketplace to drive revenue growth by enabling companies to build and sell complementary, connected IoT solution extensions, including regulatory Hours of Service, Driver Behaviour Monitoring, and Fuel Management applications.


Global Data Elements

From internal systems and external access points worldwide, KORE helps you derive valuable business intelligence with our Data as a Service (DaaS) solutions. With real-time event streaming and processing, as well as data capture, storage, and management, you have the information and capabilities for better decision-making and greater success. Available data elements include:

  • Sensor data – Related to specific business process or IoT application, allows for robust data analytics and actionable business intelligence to improve outcomes
  • Meta data – Related to IoT solution performance, expedites device troubleshooting and provides critical security insights regarding your IoT infrastructure
  • Usage data – Related to IoT connectivity usage, streamlines billing and threshold management, and provides predictive analytics to stay on budget and in scope

Products & Services

IoT Connectivity Management

Enable roaming to 400 carriers and coverage in 180 countries worldwide with connectivity from top cellular and satellite providers.

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IoT Hardware Solutions

Streamline enterprise operations with the right mix of turnkey, managed hardware from leading OEMs.

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IoT Devices

Realise efficiencies with procurement, staging, kitting, and provisioning for comprehensive tablet and wearable-based solutions.

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IoT Location-Based Services

Enhance your IoT solution outcomes with location-based services and centralised application enablement.

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IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Implement, manage, and maintain a successful IoT solution from strategy development to end-of-life disposition.

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