• Unexpected intricacies and complexities of the IoT ecosystem that prevent IoT solutions from moving forward from Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to production
  • Delayed realization of return on investment due to complex IoT lifecycle management and resource requirements
  • Maintaining a healthy IoT implementation to optimize solution performance when repairs, replacements, and end-of-life issues arise

How We Can Help

  • Deployment Services, also known as forward logistics, simplify the implementation process and ensure a successful transition from PoC to production
  • Operational Management Services ensure accelerated delivery of value, and alleviate the burden on internal resources
  • Sustainment and Support Services, also known as reverse logistics, mitigate endpoint component issues and ensure long-term IoT enablement

Single Source Provider

As a single source provider, KORE provides comprehensive IoT endpoint lifecycle management services. We are a trusted, neutral trusted advisor providing IoT enablement services to help your organisation to launch  IoT solutions quickly and efficiently, as well as manage and maintain deployed solutions to ensure the highest possible ROI is achieved. From device configuration to end-of-life disposition, KORE provides the expertise and support for all aspects of IoT lifecycle management.


Deployment Services

Manage procurement through installation and activation of the endpoint with KORE’s deployment services to streamline and accelerate time-to-market. Covering a broad range of critical disciplines, our capabilities include:

  • Demand Forecasting – Purchase planning with suppliers to ensure availability
  • Order Management – Domestic and global, device and accessory procurement
  • Staging and Kitting – Assembly and configuration of devices and accessories
  • Inventory Management – Storing, shipping, and tracking for and to deployment sites
  • Site Surveys – Per-site network performance with environmental validation and remediation
  • Installation and Activation – Device implementation with network activation and application validation
  • Asset Management – Tracking of device-to-site assignment, maintenance, and chain-of-custody management

Operational Management

Ensure your organisation’s IoT endpoints are secure, under proper management, and performing to application requirements. KORE supports and scales day-to-day operational functions that include:

  • Help Desk Support – Tier 1 support services for issue logging, ticket assignment, tracking, and SPOC
  • Service Assurance – Tier 2 and 3 technical support for IoT solution component troubleshooting and resolution
  • MNO Operations – Multi-MNO joint operational support for order, activation, troubleshooting
  • Managed Services – 3rd party support service for staff augmentation and total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Endpoint Monitoring – Monitor endpoint devices for performance and security
  • Network Monitoring – Monitor network for performance and security
  • Release Management – Device firmware and application release updates and maintenance

Sustainment And Support Services

Endpoint component issues are quickly corrected, from insurance claims to next-day replacements to recycling so that your business can future-proof its IoT implementation. To help your IoT solution to continue generating ROI, our services include:

  • Triage Support – Validate endpoint fault condition (avoid “no trouble found”)
  • Claims Management – Initiate repair and replace workflows
  • Re-Staging and Kitting – Assembly and configuration of replacement components
  • Advanced Exchange – Rapid delivery of failed endpoint components for business continuity
  • Re-Installation and Activation – Endpoint re-installation with network activation and application validation
  • OEM Warranty Management – Manage device inventory relative to OEM warranty and insurance
  • End of Life Disposition – Endpoint collection, data sanitization, recycle/resell, and asset management updates

Products & Services

IoT Connectivity Management

Enable roaming to 400 carriers and coverage in 180 countries worldwide with connectivity from top cellular and satellite providers.

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IoT Hardware Solutions

Streamline enterprise operations with the right mix of turnkey, managed hardware from leading OEMs.

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IoT Devices

Realise efficiencies with procurement, staging, kitting, and provisioning for comprehensive tablet and wearable-based solutions.

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IoT Location-Based Services

Enhance your IoT solution outcomes with location-based services and centralised application enablement.

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IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Implement, manage, and maintain a successful IoT solution from strategy development to end-of-life disposition.

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