IoT Capabilities


Simplifying Complexity in IoT

As a pioneer in the space, KORE understands and can help you navigate the vast IoT ecosystem. For decades, KORE has helped organisations simplify the complexity in IoT, enabling companies to successfully adopt and deploy IoT solutions. An independent, expert advisor, KORE provides the expertise, guidance, and comprehensive solutions that empower your business. The KORE trusted advisor approach encompasses all of the key considerations and components for a successful IoT deployment, regardless of where you are in your IoT project:


  • IoT Strategy and Readiness - Serving as a trusted, independent advisor, our IoT management capabilities start with a comprehensive strategy and understanding of your IoT readiness. We work closely with you to think through all IoT considerations – from understanding your objectives and developing strategy, to determining technology requirements, to establishing the right organisation and governance – ensuring a successful IoT project that improves business outcomes.


  • Application Management and DaaS - A key pillar for a strong IoT foundation, KORE provides business and technology application enablement services, supported by a broad IoT ecosystem. Flexible capabilities allow you to deliver your own branded, unique business applications to maximise value. Our location-based services (LBS) deliver robust tracking, routing, and asset management capabilities. In addition, KORE leverages multiple data elements from internal systems and external access points across the globe for advanced visibility that helps inform fact-based, predictive decisions to drive ROI.


  • Reporting and Analytics - KORE enables you to capture data for key business metrics, including network status, asset health, job efficiency, and operator compliance. With a better understanding of data traffic patterns, you gain valuable insights to proactively assess the value of IoT delivery. Instill confidence in your IoT deployment and make the right decisions for your business to optimise operational efficiencies.


  • Connectivity and Carrier Management - KORE simplifies the IoT landscape by guiding you through a near-endless combination of network services, carriers, device partners, and technologies. An agnostic, global provider, KORE offers connectivity coverage from nearly all major carriers and satellite providers, and a range of technologies for mobile data. As the world’s largest independent connectivity services provider, KORE is also best positioned to deliver on the value of eSIM and iSIM technologies as they evolve and are ready for global deployment.


  • Network and Security Management - KORE gives companies enhanced control of their IoT data traffic and device connectivity to improve application manageability, performance and security. The KORE IoT Cloud is a purpose-built global network for IoT, designed from the ground up to meet the highest standards of security and availability. KORE’s Rapid-Setup VPN services allow companies to extend their LAN into the KORE IoT Cloud and enable end-to-end encryption of all in flight data traffic.


  • Endpoint Lifecycle Management and Managed Services - Whether your IoT solution uses tablets, smartphones, sensors, or other varieties of edge devices, KORE is a comprehensive execution partner for IoT projects, ensuring a successful deployment from inception to completion. Our broad range of professional and managed services fortifies the entire lifecycle of IoT solutions – from procurement through activation of endpoint devices, and beyond – to end-of-life disposition service options. Our sustainment and support services ensure IoT endpoints are properly maintained and meet application service requirements, and we quickly address issues with advanced exchange and replacement capabilities.


Products & Services

IoT Connectivity Management

Enable roaming to 400 carriers and coverage in 180 countries worldwide with connectivity from top cellular and satellite providers.

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IoT Hardware Solutions

Streamline enterprise operations with the right mix of turnkey, managed hardware from leading OEMs.

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IoT Devices

Realise efficiencies with procurement, staging, kitting, and provisioning for comprehensive tablet and wearable-based solutions.

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IoT Location-Based Services

Enhance your IoT solution outcomes with location-based services and centralised application enablement.

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IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Implement, manage, and maintain a successful IoT solution from strategy development to end-of-life disposition.

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