• Difficulties identifying the proper IoT wireless network infrastructure technologies needed to support effective, scalable IoT solutions
  • Multiple options for device, network, application, and data security – from varied providers – results in a fragmented IoT security approach
  • Failure to enhance IoT security by implementing proper data encryption and connectivity options

How We Can Help

  • The KORE IoT cloud is a purpose-built, global network for IoT designed from the ground up to meet the highest standards of security and availability
  • Best-in-class security measures, including third-party vulnerability assessments, for communications and device layers enable a holistic IoT security approach
  • Comprehensive Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions extend your company’s private network to cellular-connected devices

KORE IoT Cloud

Purpose-built for IoT, the KORE IoT cloud is secure, scalable, agile, and adaptable, and designed for specialised IoT network management, monitoring, and support. With global data center locations selected for low latency MNO connections, the KORE IoT wireless network infrastructure is carrier-grade and uses best-in-class technologies, with virtualised systems that can be scaled to support customer growth and custom-fit security capabilities.


Network and Device Security

In accordance with IoT best practices, KORE offers IoT security services for both the communications and device security layers. Superior data encryption complemented by secure device and user registration and authentication restrict possible communication with unapproved hosts. KORE staffs a dedicated IoT Security Operations Center (SOC) 24/7, and to ensure IoT devices are only communicating with trusted entities, we follow the ISO 27001 cybersecurity management protocol, leverage next-gen network firewalls and an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), and conduct third-party vulnerability assessments.


VPN Connectivity Options

Comprehensive, Rapid-Setup VPN options from KORE enable efficient IoT network management and allow a company’s application servers to communicate directly to cellular-connected devices without requiring direct connection to the Internet with public IP addresses. The data transfer is encrypted end-to-end, so in-transit data remains secure. KORE VPN solutions provide rapid and simple deployment, single-site and redundant multi-site support with automatic rollover, and dynamic routing. Direct routing to your company’s Amazon Web Services® (AWS®) or Microsoft® Azure® cloud-based routers is also available over secure, encrypted VPN tunnels. This level of IoT security prevents hackers’ from injecting malicious data, and offers protection from Internet-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) traffic-flood attacks.

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