• Simplifying data collection from multiple providers to enable a single view of data analytics for better performance
  • Delays in solution improvement and optimization without proper tracking of key metrics for your particular business needs
  • Generating value from business intelligence for enhanced operational efficiencies and reduced costs

How We Can Help

  • Access key operational analytics from a single source provider with IoT professional services capabilities allowing you to improve proactive management, using better insights to make better decisions
  • Configure, monitor, and track key business and operational metrics to enhance budget planning and operational forecasting
  • View real-time data traffic patterns and anomalies to improve efficiencies and productivity, while controlling costs

Stored Operational Analytics

KORE delivers IoT professional services for critical, stored operational analytics driven by the data flowing through the KORE IoT cloud and global data centres. With access to historical data, you have the ability to improve predictive maintenance and avoid operational challenges, reducing IoT solution downtime and lost revenue. Extensive and accurate insight into your operational metrics enables you to make more productive decisions based on reliable, robust sets of information.


Performance Dashboards

Performance dashboards enable access to significant reporting and data visualisation capabilities. User-friendly dashboards enable your company to configure, monitor, and track essential business metrics easily and quickly to analyse trends, ensure compliance with established guidelines, and more accurately predict operational needs. Metrics include network status, asset health, job efficiency, operator compliance, maintenance scheduling, and profitability. Table formats offer a single view of activity, with a range of widgets for graphical and heat-map display with real-time or historical tracking, alerts, and notifications.

KORE also offers IoT professional services for custom report and dashboard development as part of an overall turnkey solution to generate the exact information that your business requires. You can take advantage of cloud storage for long-term archiving, secure direct data access and extraction, third-party reporting tool integration, and the ability to integrate information and reports directly into your systems.


Data Traffic Patterns

Monitor data traffic patterns and anomalies in real time to reduce the risk of unforeseen issues, and improve long term efficiencies and productivity. Gain greater insights into your data usage to generate more actionable intelligence. As your connections grow both geographically and by volume, you can proactively make business decisions related to fraud detection and prevention, seasonal shifts, and budget planning initiatives.


Products & Services

IoT Connectivity Management

Enable roaming to 400 carriers and coverage in 180 countries worldwide with connectivity from top cellular and satellite providers.

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IoT Hardware Solutions

Streamline enterprise operations with the right mix of turnkey, managed hardware from leading OEMs.

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IoT Devices

Realise efficiencies with procurement, staging, kitting, and provisioning for comprehensive tablet and wearable-based solutions.

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IoT Location-Based Services

Enhance your IoT solution outcomes with location-based services and centralised application enablement.

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IoT Endpoint Lifecycle Management

Implement, manage, and maintain a successful IoT solution from strategy development to end-of-life disposition.

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